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    Foundation Treatment

    E’GRID Geogrids, with their high tensile strength and optimum interlock characteristics, combined with compacted granular fill, with its high compressive strength, provide an integrated load-bearing platform on soft ground. Because of the interlock reaction available the fill is efficiently compacted to its full depth. Compared to un-reinforced fill, or fill that is less efficiently reinforced and compacted, they reduce vertical and horizontal stresses on the soft foundation. This allows high traffic loads to be carried with significantly less depth of fill. Also, the reduced vertical stresses, spread over a wider area, lead to less local differential settlement. This will give improved drive or ride characteristics of a pavement through a longer life.


    E’GRID Geocell is delivered in collapsed strips that open out into large panels of cells that are pinned down to the surface of the ground during installation. A wide range of materials can be used to fill the cells including sand, soil, gravel and concrete. The strong lateral constraint the cellular structure gives to the fill produces a stiff foundation. This can increase foundation stability and improve the foundation bearing capacity. It will also reduce local differential settlement of the foundation.